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Thursday, 9 Aug

CCI Cybermeeting - Peters Group - Caltech
01:00 PM to 02:00 PM, August 9, 2018

Location: eZuce

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CCI Cybermeeting - Sakineh Chabi - Freund Group - FIT

01:00 PM to 02:00 PM, November 9, 2017

Location: eZuce

Highly Conductive Transparent Membranes for Artificial Photosynthesis

An ideal artificial photosynthesis system will likely emerge as an integrated membrane-based system that simultaneously possesses suitable optical, electronic and ionic properties. The main requirements of a membrane in such a system include light transparency, mechanical and chemical stability as well as ionic and electronic conduction.

Recent advances in catalyzing hydrogen and oxygen evolving reactions have focused on acidic and basic conditions respectively.  In order to support both conditions in an operational system, we have focused on the design of bipolar (BP) membranes that can maintain pH gradients.

Our recent work focuses on the fabrication and characterization of membranes consisting of Nafion cation exchange membranes and benzimidazolium-based anion exchange membranes to create thin, transparent BP membranes.  The created BP membranes show high ionic conductivity and high visible light transmittance, where the overall ionic conductivity is dominated by water dissociation at the bulk interface of the two membranes.

In this presentation, we will discuss our results including performance in a BP-based membrane electrode assembly (MEA) for electrolysis of water.