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Thursday, 9 Aug

CCI Cybermeeting - Peters Group - Caltech
01:00 PM to 02:00 PM, August 9, 2018

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CCI Solar Participants


University of Manitoba

Project: International Collaboration for Developing New Clean and Renewable Energy Systems
Funding Agency: The University of Manitoba

Program: Faculty of Science Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration Grants

Description: The goal of this collaborative project is the functionalization and characterization of microwire systems currently being developed at CCI Solar Fuels in terms of composition, structure and electronic properties using state-of-the-art X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, scanning Auger microscopy, scanning probe microscopy and transmission electron microscopy and electrochemical techniques at the Manitoba Institute for Materials. In parallel, new approaches to the derivatization of microwires with redox-mediators and evaluation of their (photo)electrocatalytic potential will take place at U of M in collaboration with CCI Solar Fuels researchers.


Derek Oliver, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering; E-mail

Derek Oliver is a Professor and Associate Head of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Director of the Manitoba Institute for Materials. Historically he has specialized in scanning probe technique development and materials characterization. Recent work has focused on developing a better understanding of the electronic interface between silicon microwires and candidate polymer membranes for solar fuel applications. In addition he has expertise in characterizing degradation mechanisms in polymer systems used for high voltage insulation.

David E. Herbert, Department of Chemistry; E-mail

Dave Herbert is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry and a member of the Manitoba Institute for Materials. His research focuses on using synthetic inorganic chemistry, electrochemistry, and polymer science to tackle problems in clean energy and environmental remediation, mainly through the activation and electrochemical manipulation of small molecules such as carbon dioxide. He has a growing interest in the integration of synthetic chemistry with semiconductor surface science, notably, the attachment of redox-active molecular and polymeric species to silicon.


Postdoctoral Fellows and Graduate Students

Onkar S. Kang (Ph.D., Guru Nanak Dev University) is working on optimizing Si microwires array growth, functionalization, surface characterization and electrochemistry for photoelectrocatalytic applications.
Patrick K. Giesbrecht is a graduate student in Chemistry working on surface functionalization of silicon microwire systems and their electrochemical and (photo)electrocatalytic evaluation.