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U Manitoba Student Collaborates with CCI Solar

Jared Bruce from Dr. Michael Freund's research group at U. Manitoba is visiting CCI Solar Caltech.  He will work with CCI researchers for 6 months. He is working on attaching polymers to Si microrods.

He describes his work:
Silicon is an important semiconducting material for artificial photosynthesis. However silicon suffers from oxidation of the surface, reducing the overall efficiency of the material. Along with Ron Grimm, Noah Plymale and James Blakemore, I will be learning surface passivation techniques pioneered in the Lewis Group to add new functional groups to both planar and microwire configurations of silicon. One of these functional groups will be the monomer 2,4 – ethylenedioxythiophene (EDOT) in an attempt to get better electrical contact between the silicon and the membrane envisioned for the artificial photosynthetic device.