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Jillian Dempsey joins SAB

Jillian Dempsey received her PhD from the California Institute of Technology in 2011, where she worked with Harry Gray and Jay Winkler. As a graduate student supported by CCI-Solar, she studied the mechanism of cobaloxime-catalyzed hydrogen evolution and helped bring the SHArK Project to Pasadena. After completing her PhD, she worked with Daniel Gamelin at the University of Washington (2011-2012) as an NSF American Competitiveness in Chemistry postdoctoral fellow, studying the magneto-optical properties of diluted magnetic semiconductor nanocrystals. In 2012, she moved to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she is an assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry. Her research interests span molecular and materials chemistry, with a focus on utilizing inorganic spectroscopy to address challenges associated with developing efficient solar energy conversion processes.