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SEAL Con - V, May 24, 2014

SEAL Convention 2014 was held on Caltech campus on May 24, 2014. It was attended by well over 100 Southern California high school students, their teachers, some parents, and Caltech mentors. Harry Gray opened the conference by welcoming the Solar Army, and gave a small gift and certificate of appreciation to Carolyn Patterson for her work. Then 8 student groups presented their work in short talks with Q&A. Over lunch all attendees browsed the many posters. There were two fuel cell cars on hand for attendees to look at - the Mercedes-Benz F-Cell and Hyundai's F-Cell car. The latter was courtesy of Keith Malone of CA Fuel Cell partnership. After the lunch and poster session, three group tours included Beckman Institute facilities and the High Throughput facility at JCAP. These high school kids are very engaged in their solar fuels research and will be technologically savvy citizens of the future.