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Arin Greenwood joins CCI Solar Fuels

Arin Greenwood is a first year graduate student in the Galli Group at the University of Chicago, and is part of the inaugural class for the Molecular Engineering PhD program.

Her current research includes first principles simulations of electronic structure and transport properties for semiconducting nano-structures. In particular, this includes looking at the effects of ligands on the surface of PbS and PbSe nano-particles, as well as engineering defects that lead to materials with desired electronic properties.

Arin received her B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Washington in Seattle, where she conducted research in nano-particle synthesis and microscopy-based characterization of semiconductor nano-wire devices.

She has also held internships with NASA and Boeing, and worked as the Assistant Trainer for the Scanning Electron Microscope at the UW Center for Nanotechnology.