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Noah Plymale joins CCI Solar

Noah Plymale graduated from Kent State University with a B.S. in Chemistry in 2011 where he worked with Prof. Nicola Brasch to study the kinetics of the reactions of reduced vitamin B12 species with nitrate and nitrite.

He moved to Pasadena in the Fall of 2011 to begin his PhD work at Caltech under the direction of Prof. Nate Lewis. In 2012, Noah received a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship that funded his work on silicon surface chemistry.

He officially joined the CCI program in the Fall of 2015, but has participated in annual meetings and outreach since 2012. At Caltech, he has developed methods for the functionalization of silicon surfaces with alkynyl groups for the purpose of controlling the interfacial properties of semiconductor surfaces for integration with functional device components, such as catalysts, polymers, metals, or metal oxides.

Additionally, Noah has participated in the Juice from Juice program and directed many of the teacher-focused workshops.