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Samantha Johnson joins CCI

Samantha Johnson was born and raised in Colorado. As a child, her interest in science mainly centered on dinosaurs. However, this changed in high school when she took her first chemistry class.

In response to this, she studied chemical engineering at the University of Colorado, Boulder. As an undergraduate, she was active in research and in the engineering magazine, the Colorado Engineer Magazine (CEM). She received her B.S. in 2011.

After receiving her degree, she went to the California Institute of Technology to study materials science under the guidance of William A. Goddard III. Her work in computational mechanisms for solar fuels catalysis led her to collaborate frequently with members of CCI-Solar Fuels.

She defended her thesis in December 2016 and will relocate in 2017 to Pacific Northwest National Laboratory to pursue a post-doc position in the Center for Molecular Electrocatalysis. In the future, Sam would like to teach and pursue research in catalysis.